Digging Deeper: Coventry Lake, Lot D

Craftsmanship has always been a core value at Nosan Signature Homes.  Our clients’ needs and desires dictate the style and features in the custom homes we design and build for them, but while styles vary, our commitment to quality and attention to detail never wavers.  In recent years, we have had the privilege of working on some really detailed builds that take our passion for the craft of building to the next level.  

Our Coventry Lake development, 4 lake-front lots on the corner of 14 Mile and Inkster Roads, continues to progress. Two properties are completed, one is in the finishing stages and envelope construction on Parcel D, the last to break ground, is currently underway.  We are doing something really special on this exterior of this house, and we thought the process was interesting enough that we’d tell you a bit about it.  

The exterior of this special home features roofs with large overhangs that will be clad in specially milled African Mahogany siding. The bottom of these overhangs will be finished with white exterior plaster finish and are at the same level as the interior ceilings. Windows that finish right at the ceiling create the illusion of the interior ceiling flowing straight through to the underside of the overhangs.  The visual effect will be one of simplicity and clean horizontal lines, but the craft that makes this possible is complex and demanding.   The level of detail is such that we decided to bring in our friends at KNS, who normally only work inside our houses doing finish carpentry to work on the outside!

It all starts with this gusset:

The design is very specific, allowing it to hang from the roof to form an overhang, while the notch on the bottom right is meant to fit securely over a 2 x 4 that follows the length of the wall.  All of the angles and shapes need to be perfect for the finished build to meet our exacting standards.

We needed a lot of them, so we sent the job out to KPL’s shop and had the pattern cut on a cool machine called a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router.  The desired shape or pattern is inputted into a computer which controls the cutting apparatus.  Extremely complex shapes can be replicated quickly and perfectly every time!

Once our gussets were cut, it was time to start attaching them to the roof.  Here they are, nestled on top of that 2 x 4 we mentioned earlier:

Another nice feature is the notch on the upper side of the gusset, which is meant to hold the roof gutter so that once the fascia are in place, the gutter is invisible.  Looking up, you can see how neatly the gutter fits in there. The small notch in the front holds a continuous vent strip that allows air to flow by convection from the overhang to the ridge of the roof keeping the roof cool all year round.

But really there are 2 gussets in each set--a gusset sandwich. To provide strength to the detail which could hold water if the gutters get clogged or we have a heavy snow load on the roof or ice in the gutters (we can’t design out everything).

We are beginning to see the overall shape of the roofline.  The windows will be dramatically recessed to and mahogany boards the same height as the windows will go in areas where there are no windows to create the illusion of continuity and emphasize the linear look.

Here is a sneak peek at what the finished fascia will look like--dramatic horizontal panels of wood that stretch along the length of the house.  In order to keep this all weather-proof, the bottom of the fascia are filled with a very stiff fiberglass-like material called "denseglass," followed by a coat of dryvit, a very durable form of plaster for outdoor use that can be premixed with pigment for a variety of colors, in this case off-white.  

Sometimes an appearance of simplicity hides great effort and complexity.  Think of what it’s like when you watch a talented magician--the craft, and all the work that went into it, is invisible during the trick.   We are giving away our secrets here, but we still hope you’ll swing by our Coventry Lake lots to see the magical results.