We Have Hybrids Too!

Various types of insulation do different things well. In the picture below you will see a layer of turquoise spray foam that coats the cavity between each stud as well as the area between floors (the bond). Because it goes on wet and expands it is very good at filling little gaps and holes including where pipes and wires penetrate walls. 1" of this foam has a value of R-10. Adding our standard R-19 fiberglass batt results in a hybrid wall of R-29. Since walls have lots of areas that can't be insulated, like windows, doors and the framing itself, we feel this hybrid is a good value for wall insulation. 



Hybrid R-29 wall. When completed, fiberglass will fill the cavity.

Most of a home's heat gain or loss is through the ceiling. Our preferred insulation for that area is blown cellulose because it packs more densely it impedes air infiltration and because it does not settle like blown fiberglass it maintains the initial R-value for a much longer time. But that's a story for another day.