Going up!

Our engineered subfloor dried out very nicely after all the rain and the carpenters started building walls:

Walls in this house are of 2×6 construction for strength, rigidity and to permit more insulation in the wall cavity. They are built lying down on the floor and then raised in to place. After the studs,plates and headers are assembled to provide for the correct window and door openings they are covered with sheathing. We are using 1/2″ engineered panels to provide strength, prevent the walls from racking out of plumb and as a straight and solid backer to attach our cedar shake siding to. A quality house wrap membrane to keep air and water out (and allow moisture generated inside to escape) is applied before the siding is put on.

It all goes together like this:

We put construction adhesive under the bottom plate before we raise the wall to seal the wall to the floor and help prevent air infiltration. Then the wall is raised in to place and braced and it really starts to look like a house!

Going Up