Laser Beams

It’s great when a plan comes together! On Saturday, before the carpenters arrived on Monday, I met with John, the head carpenter and owner. We wanted to make sure that the lumber yard, that he had the correct plans and any change orders that affect his work and that the lumberyard had sent the material they needed to set the steel beams. We found a couple problems, located our salesman and arranged for John to pick up some material he needed first thing Monday. When the crew arrived Monday they started by stringing lines all over the place and measuring in at least 3 dimensions. Before they lifted the first hammer or moved any steel or lumber they wanted to be sure the foundation folks had done their job right and found they had. They actually used a laser to set the footings, walls and block. Amazing! Laser Beams







Then came the steel beams, laser straight:

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Next, the engineered to be laser straight I-joists (if they were higher tech they would be “iJoists”) are placed mostly running front to back 16″ on center to form the deck.

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Laser Beams

Then the engineered floor panels will be fastened to the I-Joists with heavy construction adhesive and nails from an air powered nail gun to provide a sturdy, squeak free floor. This all seems to go pretty quickly but we are looking here at 3 days work for 5 men and one machine that does a lot of the heavy lifting and saves backs and time. We will try to keep track of the carpenters’ hours as we move along.

That’s all for now. We will probably be talking again this weekend!