Wall or No Wall?

Between the mid-week 4th of July Holiday, the storms, heat and humidity, not much got done on site this week. But no fear, there is always planning and research. We all know how hard it is sometimes to decide what we want in our own home but when we are building a speculative home and trying to design for a future homeowner we haven’t even met yet, the anxiety level can get pretty high. When we start committing to walls, cabinets, countertops, tile and plumbing fixtures we are always leaning toward the thing that is most appealing (or least offensive) to the most people! Sure, we have the opinions of our architect, friends, prospective customers, our sales people and the contractors that are working on Our Home, all of whom see what’s most popular in the projects they have worked on recently. In the end, it falls to us, the builders, to make the call. The buck stops here with and mistakes can cost us big bucks!

An example this week is the kitchen LAYOUT – we haven’t even gotten to door styles, colors, moldings and hardware yet – this is just the layout. Our architect designed a kitchen that is open to the Dining and Family Rooms. These are large spaces about 22′ deep and 26′ long with 12′ high ceilings. The open kitchen that was designed has a 10′ high ceiling and two islands – a work island with sink and dishwasher and a buffet/casual dining island adjacent to the dining room. Here is what he drew:

Kitchen Plans









This is a reflection of the trend toward open floor plans. But Our Home has a first floor master bedroom that should appeal to either empty nesters or families with kids in their early to late teens. I got to thinking that these folks may want to entertain in a more formal manner from time to time – they may even have food preparation and servers working from this kitchen. Do they really want their guests to see all of this? There also seemed to me to be a dearth of cabinets. And this is a big house with a breakfast area so the owners won’t need to sit at a counter to eat. So I sketched an alternative to this kitchen that puts a wall between the kitchen and dining room, allows for more cabinets and creates a space for a buffet or serving shelf in the dining room. Here it is, my changes are hi lighted in yellow:

Kitchen Plans

I took the plan and my sketch to a Certified Kitchen Designer that works for our cabinet supplier. Liz liked the wall idea too. She sells cabinets so of course she feels more are needed – just kidding Liz :-) . Now she will determine where the sink and appliances should all go and what types of cabinets to put where. She will make sure the kitchen works well for our future homeowners and that it is an asset in helping us close the sale.

So what do you think? Your comments are welcome. We will post Liz’ plan when we get it.