TIMBER! And a little lesson about purchasing

Back at Turtle Pond Court, Detroit Edison came by and installed our electric meter so we will have power for all of our trades without them having to run generators. How often do you see a meter with all zeros? Meter Reading









We got the sand fill placed in the basement, garage so these areas are ready for concrete and our first load of lumber was delivered but our carpenter is not going to get there until Wednesday :-(

Timber Timber

We have been hard at work on interior and exterior material selections, sourcing these items and obtaining bids. This is a PROCESS where we look for suppliers that bring us the best value – to us VALUE is a combination of function, aesthetics and price. We look for the maximum on the first 2 items while balancing this with the third. Sometimes this requires us to open up the plans (or look at them on our iPad using a really cool application called PlanGrid), roll up our sleeves and actually measure and determine quantities. We will then look for wholesale prices on products that we think will work for us. If the proposal is for labor and material we will estimate the labor cost. This gives us our own estimate of the labor, overhead and profit that the contractor is charging to arrive at what we SHOULD be paying. Then we try to find vendors that can deliver the quality we demand and do it within our pricing expectations. Just getting multiple bids does not cut it!



We will be back with more soon!