565 Long Lake Road is now Long Lake Pines

Take a look at an artists rendering of our proposed site plan for four wooded lots on a private cul de sac in Bloomfield Township: Site drawing for Long Lake Pines

We decided to give it a name – Long Lake Pines – that we don’t think conflicts with any other developments. The street will be called Tall Pine Court provided the Fire Department approves – they need to make sure it won’t cause confusion with other street names in Bloomfield as well as other nearby cities and townships. If they determine it does then we will have to choose something else.




This is a concept plan that we have discussed with various officials of Bloomfield Township but like an opera it isn’t over until the ummmm, you know who, sings! In this case, the singer is the Township Board and they won’t take a vote on this until their planning and engineering staffs and perhaps outside consultants have had an opportunity to thoroughly review the very detailed survey information we will be submitting next week. If our surveyor and engineer did their jobs perfectly we could get the thumbs up from the township pretty quickly and be sent to the Board for a public hearing and vote within a couple of months. Let’s keep our fingers crossed but to use another old saw – we won’t hold our breath.

More on this soon…