Details, Details Part II

Our masons saved the best for last and have completed the library gable with its brick arch and corbels.

Here is the fireplace nearly complete inside the lanai.

The two pieces of wood sticking out are called corbels too. These corbels are made from reclaimed barn timbers and we have a hefty barn timber mantel that will be installed on top of them. The masons will be moving on to the front entry and then topping off the chimney next week. And we will be right behind them with grading, irrigation, landscape and sod.

Ahhh! Feels good to be on the old critical path.


Our masons have been reaching new heights both literally and figuratively as the beautiful brick arches have been built in several places. 

Here’s a little closer look at these well executed details.

More to come.

All Painted Up and Looking Pretty...somewhat Stoned

Quite a bit of visible progress this week. I’ll let the pictures do the talking: 

So what do you think, really?