Sweating the Details

Introducing our Project Manager, Russ. He became part of the Nosan Signature team about a month ago. Russ is a skilled carpenter and has a keen eye for detail and quality. He has been involved in this job for some time on a part time basis but is now with us full time. Russ agreed to come on board even though he knew first hand how picky I am. I guess that’s because he’s pretty picky too! 

Under Russ’ watchful eye the finish carpenters built some cubbys with seating, hanging and shoe storage in the mud room, built some nice dadoe molding and panel details for the library, rebuilt the stairs with beautiful cherry treads and installed the front entry door and a lot of crown molding

The drywallers have done all of their touch ups.The tile contractors have set most of the tile in our five full bathrooms (two of them with electrically heated floors) and back hall areas.

And the painters have carefully prepared all the millwork and walls and ceilings for their finish coats.

Because we sweat the details on the front end things tend to come together pretty well now with very few surprises. That’s the way it’s supposed to be but it doesn’t just happen. It takes folks like Russ to make it happen.

Oh yeah – He’s a Wolverine too! Go Blue!

We Are Back!

A 10 day vacation turned into a 2 week sabbatical from blogging. Even though I haven’t posted, things at the house have progressed quite a bit. The plumbing, electrical and HVAC that runs in the ceiling of the lower level (née basement) has all been completed and inspected so it could be drywalled.

That’s now all done and will be taped within a week.

Upstairs, the taping is all done and the painters have primed all of the drywall.

Meanwhile we have loads of cherry hardwood planks that are acclimating to the house prior to installation. This is about 30,000 pounds of lumber so we decided to spread it around. The installation will start toward the end of next week.

The tile contractors came in and installed the cement base on all the floors where they will set tile.

Things should keep moving along with quite a bit of visible progress in the coming weeks.

See you soon!