The Home Stretch

It’s been a couple weeks and we have made much progress. The fireplace hearth and surround – all carved limestone – has been installed!

Wood floors throughout the house are complete, the front door and transom window above have been set in place.

Our wood and glass garage doors have been installed

The lower level is totally caught up with upstairs so we can finish it out all together.

The finish (or trim) carpenters will arrive Monday to a house full of doors, cabinets and moldings to assemble and closet shelving to build.

You will see what looks like amazing progress in the coming weeks as it all comes together but, if you have followed us from the beginning you will recognize that the hard work was the planning required to allow us to make the finish happen smoothly. At least we hope that will be the case!

We Are Back!

A 10 day vacation turned into a 2 week sabbatical from blogging. Even though I haven’t posted, things at the house have progressed quite a bit. The plumbing, electrical and HVAC that runs in the ceiling of the lower level (née basement) has all been completed and inspected so it could be drywalled.

That’s now all done and will be taped within a week.

Upstairs, the taping is all done and the painters have primed all of the drywall.

Meanwhile we have loads of cherry hardwood planks that are acclimating to the house prior to installation. This is about 30,000 pounds of lumber so we decided to spread it around. The installation will start toward the end of next week.

The tile contractors came in and installed the cement base on all the floors where they will set tile.

Things should keep moving along with quite a bit of visible progress in the coming weeks.

See you soon!