About Our Blog

Welcome to Nosan Signature Homes Blog! Our goal is simple – change the world as it relates to building new homes! Since that is kind of daunting, for now we will settle for an intermediate goal - to have fun, educate and demystify the homebuilding process. Whether you are considering building a new home, have done it before or are simply a curious “gunner” (as in someday I am “gunner” build a new home) there should be something here for you.

Our vision is to do this through interaction and participation by folks who are interested in learning about the process of building a new home by involvement in real projects and eliciting input on how our homes should look, feel and behave. We will endeavor to make building our homes transparent and fun, to answer your questions and to make wise choices. We will build our homes on these pages as we build them on the actual sites. You can participate from far or near and will have opportunities to visit our homes and meet with the builder, architect, tradesmen and suppliers.

We ask that you feel free to participate and also, to bear with us, as this is truly an experiment and we will add and subtract features and change our focus from time to time. We won’t be perfect and will remain a “work in progress” for a long time (forever?) but we are committed to making this a great experience for all that participate.