Color Our Home

This week we worked on finalizing exterior colors. Our architect, Dominick Tringali, had a pretty good idea what we needed to do to accomplish a warm look and feel using “hard” materials like natural stone and cedar. He selected various colors and materials and we went out and got larger samples of each. Our developer and homeowners association (HOA) at Turtle Lake must also approve our colors and materials. The best way to get everyone on the same page is to build a mock up using the brick and stone we think we want and then bring samples of the other materials – wood trim, window frames, siding and roofing – so we can look at them in the environment they will “live” in. We haven’t committed to a stone mason yet but one of the best, Bruce Meininger, offered to come by and build our mock up wall. Mark, a very talented stone Mason took the sample material and went to work. This is what they made: Color BoardColor Board














For our meeting with Dominick we brought the rest of the samples we have collected and laid them on the “wall”. Here is what that looked like:

Color Board

After our meeting with Dominick we decided to try the shingle color in the upper left corner and that we like the cedar siding on the upper right (we had a third sample that didn’t even make the cut). So we’ll get a bigger shingle sample and put them up again and then we will submit them to the developer and HOA. Hopefully, they will like them as much as we do and we will lock in our orders for everything so they will be there when we need them.



We also finished the block on our trench footings in the garage and our lanai (enclosed porch) so those areas are ready for the carpenter to build the walls on:

colorourhome6 colorourhome5













Our structural steel beams and columns showed up and the driver coaxed them off the of the flatbed truck. Our carpenters will start the job by setting these in place.

More to come…..