Our Home - Bullet Points for this week

We continue to make good progress on site. Here’s what we did this week: We installed our sign!

Nosan Signature Sign







We trenched and poured footings for the garage and lanai.

Trench and FootingsTrench and Footings









The plumbers hooked up the drains around the outside of the basement walls to flow to the sump well where the sump pump will later be installed (and probably never needed for our sandy, dry basement).

The plumber also installed the sanitary sewer system and hooked it to the sewer lead we brought in from the street when we dug the basement.

Drains and Plumbing

Drains and Plumbing














Our electrician installed the meter box so Detroit Edison can bring us power and the workers won’t have to run noisy generators.

We got our stone and brick samples and will make a mockup wall next week to show how they will look with the shingles and stain colors our architect, Dominick Tringali, picked. We will tweak these selections and then show them to the developer for his approval.

The steel beams were ordered and should be out next week so we can set them before we pour the basement floor once the inspector approves all of the underground plumbing.

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