What magic a day of earthmoving can work! Our basement now is a hole in the ground we can walk right up to and look in. All we can see is the brick ledge, the part that will be support the stone and brick we install after the carpenters build the frame of Our Home on top of this foundation. A bulldozer and loader are awesome machines in the hands of skilled operators they are Transformers! Here’s Matt at work cutting those big piles that were left from our excavation down to size and spreading and smoothing out the dirt all over the lot.

Foundation Turtle Lake tansformers

On Monday we will finish the grading and the land around Our Home will slope away from the brick ledge so water that comes from rain or snow will drain the way our engineer designed it to. Our surveyor will be out to check that the basement went in as planned and will certify what is there so we can turn it in to the township – I sure hope we got it right!

More happening this coming week:

We will trench, pour and block the garage and lanai footings.

Our truss manufacturer will come measure the basement to make sure the trusses that will form our roof will fit correctly.

We will measure for the steel beams we need in the basement and order them.

Our plumber will install the underground sanitary and storm drain systems so we can pour the basement concrete floor.

Our electrician will install a meter box so DTE, our electric power company can bring our electrical service underground from the area near the street to Our Home and our carpenters won’t need to run a noisy generator.

Well, that’s it for now. Please let us know if you have questions about Our Home or residential construction in general. We would love to help you gain a better understanding and perspective.