What should Our Home look like, how should it function?

We start with the environment and build on what is already there. Turtle Lake has a theme of timeless classic elegance from the boulder and cedar gatehouse, natural landscapes and winding streets emphasizing views os lakes, woods an old sprawling country estate home, barns and white fences. Our Home in the Ponds section will be adjacent to existing homes with stone, cedar and traditional but comfortable architecture. The homes of the Ponds emphasize width over height and the homes themselves create the environment. The sites are professionally maintained by the homeowners association. We wanted Our Home to be unique yet no disruptive. From a functional point of view we wanted a home that was casually elegant, think Ralph Lauren or Martha Stewart – rich, warm colors and textures, functional yet beautiful. Big open spaces for cooking and entertaining both indoor and outdoors. Multiple spaces for private enjoyment, creative pursuits or taking care of business. Space for a visiting child, grandchild or parent to visit and stay without infringing on the owners’ space. A design that would allow for many years of ownership and easily adapt and adjust to changes in family composition and personal needs.

To capture these thoughts and turn them in to a tangible design we shared them with Dominick Tringali, reviewed things both he and we had done before and then started with a blank paper to create what will be Our Home. You can review the plans here and let us know what you think!