Windows 2012

I took a field trip to Antcliff Windows in Burton, MI near Flint. Antcliff is a family business started by the current owners’ father. The senior Antcliff loved to hunt and although he has passed on many of his trophies occupy a unique conference room at the plant. I was introduced to a couple of them: 

We’ll talk more about Antcliff at a later date but for now we just want to point out two things. First, we were really excited to be able to find a local product (the glass comes from Guardian Industries, another Michigan company) that gives away nothing to the big names in the window business. Second, the pricing is very attractive for a number of reasons:

1. the factory makes many of the parts from rough lumber, 2. we are buying direct from the factory – no distributor, no wholesaler, no retailer – each takes a markup for most national brand windows, 3. no big marketing or advertising money that has to be recouped, 4. local means minimal shipping expense and less pollution making these windows really green! So this is the finished product but there is a lot more to the story and we will get back to it soon.

Our carpentry crew had a productive week. By late Friday most of the first floor exterior walls were in place and it is starting to get a little personality.