Transparency in all we do

Building a house shouldn't be a mystery. Nor should you have to divine or assume anything or suffer anxiety and frustration because you feel you are not getting straight answers. Unfortunately, the home building business is mostly not a 21st Century customer driven business.   We see a need for transparency and are committed to changing the way homes are built. We can explain construction in terms you will understand and better, we can help you get the best value possible in every area.

The Open Book

Fixed Price with allowances for certain items, cost plus on changes and upgrades, construction management services. We can help you understand what all of these things mean and whether they fit your style, tolerance for risk and financial abilities.

Maybe you don't care what the cost breakdown is and you just want to make sure you have everything included in your plans and specifications so you can get the best combination of price and quality in your new home. On the other hand, you want to be intimately involved in the details and understand the true cost of each and every item that goes into your new home. We can provide you with the structure and expertise to execute either of these plans in a very efficient and organized way.

While we would love to build every home we consult on we know it won't always work that way. But if we do build your home, it will be open book if you want it to be. We are not embarrassed to tell you what our costs and overhead are, how certain risk factors and the way you want to finance the project affect the cost, what our desired margin is and why.