What we do and how we do it

If you are thinking of building your dream home there are many paths you could take. Perhaps you have lots of great ideas and a couple of plans from magazines or builder brochures but nothing is exactly what you you visit an architect, designer or builder that provides design build projects and you start building your dream on paper.

  • We can help with site selection and placing the house on the site once it is selected.
  • We are expert in developing plans from scratch, modifying existing plans and evaluating plans for function, suitability for your needs, efficiency in construction, potential maintenance issues and much more.
  • We help you develop specifications that meet your needs and wants and organize them in a sensible, easy to understand format.
  • We will establish a rough estimate of probable costs so you can decide if the project is in the right ballpark for your budget.
  • We can then budget for everything from expenses relating to the site itself, to actual construction costs, "what if" alternatives, interior finishes, landscape and exterior amenities.

It takes a Village to build a Home

Besides our own expertise, we draw on long established relationships with architects, surveyors, civil, structural, mechanical, soils engineers, landscape architects, planners, wetland and woodland experts. We are more than happy to work with your experts but if you need some of this expertise we can help you assemble the perfect team for building your new home.

Once you have secured a site that meets your needs, budget and is in all respects suitable (or can be made suitable for costs you understand and are willing to incur), you will need to add to your team. Interior designers, lighting consultants, kitchen and bath and closet designers and the like are all more than happy to jump on the bandwagon. Do you need or want them? Who is right for you? What will they cost? How do they bill? We help you find the answers to these questions.

The NOSAN SIGNATURE Feasibility Study

The Nosan Signature Feasibility Study is designed to address all of these questions and more. It was developed based on our many years of experience in multiple disciplines that are all essential to the home building process. Best of all, the Nosan Signature Feasibility Study is not a static checklist or one size fits all solution. It is a menu where you can pick the items that you need. If you decide along the way that you want more (or less), you can add or subtract as we go. We will help you evaluate the best way FOR YOU to accomplish this project and to understand the many different means that exist to accomplish your desired result.