About the Site

This property had long been known as Villa Francesca. It was here that in the 1920s the Catholic Church built the “villa” that served as a retirement and convalescent home that the dedicated and caring Franciscan Nuns presided over. The Church actually owned additional land to the east that was sold in the 1990′s and is now the Whispering Pines site condominium.

The remaining parcel with the stately old house and outbuildings was sold to a private party in 2000. It fell in to disrepair and became the subject of a lawsuit brought by Bloomfield Township to demolish the structure due to its poor condition. The owners were ordered to demolish it by the court in 2005 and when they failed to do so it was demolished by the township in 2006.

We purchased the vacant land in 2012 and will develop it into 4 beautiful and private home sites in 2014.

Anyone that has pictures or further insight into the history of the property is encouraged to contact us….and to please correct any errors we may have made in recounting this history. We would love to share your memories on our web site.