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Terry Nosan, Principal

Terry’s role is to lead this ambitious and innovative project to bring social networking to the homebuilding business (or vice versa). We think Terry is the perfect person for this because he has a complete working knowledge of pretty much everything needed to build Our Home from site and building design, construction and “green” and “lean” building practices to finance, homeowner associations and deed restrictions and also has a keen interest in all things tech from computer hardware to the phenomenon that has become known as social networking.....and he generally "gets it".

Terry has always been somewhat of a generalist. In his teens he used a broom, shovel and buckets to clean up construction sites. An early adapter to the recycling movement, Terry first used a hammer for pulling nails from scrap lumber so it could be returned to the lumber yard for credit (important to Dad, the builder) and reuse (important to our planet). During his college days at the University of Michigan where he earned a degree in GENERAL Studies he moved up to carpenter's apprentice (where he got to use the other side of the hammer) and actually feel the excitement of building a new home from a pile of lumber every week. From there, Terry graduated from the Detroit College of Law, worked for the Michigan Office of Attorney GENERAL and later returned to the family residential building business. This time he got out from behind the broom, put down the hammer and did the planning, design, sales and marketing stuff.

Terry eventually left the family business and became a partner in numerous companies involved in the development and construction of over a thousand homes and condominiums in the Metropolitan Detroit area. He has built some really nice custom homes on owner’s sites, done big and small remodels, planned, developed and built single family subdivisions, condominiums and even converted some apartments into condominiums (recycling again). In a word (actually, four words), Terry knows this business!

Russell Milne, Project Manager

Russ comes to us with many years of experience as a carpenter and construction superintendent. He learned how to build hands on and to this day loves to strap on the tool belt, put his headphones on and work on a project – whether it is tearing out old walls and reframing or building a cabinet for a family room. Because Russ has done most everything involved in the construction of a home he understands the needs of each and every craftsman that will do the actual work and this makes him a superior Project Manager. The trades love to work for Russ because he makes their job easier by scheduling properly and eliminating unnecessary trips.

Our clients love Russ even more than our trades do. When something is short of their expectations he can explain why and usually think up a solution that is sensible and cost effective. Russ uses time judiciously and he knows how to document important understandings with our clients and our contractors in writing. Where costs are involved, the client will know what they are and why before the work is done, not at closing when these things are just a dull memory.

Russ was born and raised in Farmington and now lives with his family in Howell. He has worked for small builders and publicly traded companies and he absolutely loves exceeding our clients’ expectations here at Nosan Signature Homes.

Marcella Daniels, Customer Experience Manager

Marcela joins Nosan Signature Homes as our esteemed Customer Experience Manager.  With over 10 years of experience working hands on with customers in her previous roles, as a manager of a luxury interior design showroom and as a district manager for a women’s specialty retailer, Marcella has always made sure to put the customer first – forming strong and sincere relationships.   

Here at Nosan Signature homes, we know how invaluable providing a great customer experience is and we also know that building a home can be a scary and daunting task.  Marcella is here to guide you through the process, facilitating the necessary steps and decisions you’ll need to make through the process and ensuring that it all comes together seamlessly.   She’ll be the one following up to make sure you picked out your cabinet hardware or the stain for your brand new wood floors, ensuring nothing delays you from moving into your brand new home (don’t worry, you can thank us later!)

Marcella is from Canton and currently lives in Livonia with her family  Her attention to detail and commitment to outstanding customer service make her a dream to work with and customers love the one-on-one attention and quick follow through that she offers.    



Luke comes to Nosan Signature Homes with tons of experience in building and architecture design.  He spent over 10 years in the roofing industry holding numerous positions from ‘roofer’ to ‘project manager’ to ‘department manager’.  Luke is currently receiving his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Lawrence Tech University and will be graduating in 2019. Not only can Luke design homes, he’s also very into DIY and has touched practically every part of his current home including re-designing each space for better functionality.  Luke grew up in Rochester and now lives in Milford with his wife.

At Nosan Signature Homes, Luke is responsible for preparing conceptual designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and provide value for our customers.  We know how hard it can be to visualize your home during the design and pre-construction process so Luke is here to walk you through how your home will actually look - from the front elevation all the way down to the window detail - once it’s completed.  Luke loves working with our customers, getting input in real time, and making sure they are 100% satisfied with the design. After all, they’ll be the ones living here and know what will suit their needs better than anyone else.